KaiserKast: Gaining a Long-term Perspective

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The start of a new year (and a new decade) is a great time to get some perspective on your life, goals, and future. As a current or aspiring entrepreneur, you need to have a realistic and productive perspective if you want to reach success. If you don’t already, you need to develop a long-term perspective.

A long-term perspective will allow you to clearly define, set, and reach your goals. In the latest episode of the KaiserKast, Kaiser takes a look at his long-term perspective, how he developed it, and how to develop your own. He covers that and more, such as:

  • What it means to have a long-term perspective
  • How focusing on the here and now too much will lead to problems
  • Why 95-99% of businesses fail
  • What high-level tactics you need to incorporate in your business
  • Why you can jump in the deep end with Better Body and still succeed

This is a high-level, high-priority episode and you won’t want to miss it. You can check out the full episode below:

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