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BBB News Ep. 3: The Old-Age Episode

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Welcome back to BBB News! For episode 3, Kaiser is focusing on the dreaded topic of aging. Coming from a positive perspective on aging, he talks about how it affects your fitness, your work, and your personal life. Aging is an aspect of life that nobody wants to deal with but everybody has to. Many put things off and justify it by saying “I will get to it later.” He looks at how to make the most of the time you have on this planet. All the stories on this week’s episode are centered around the topic of aging.

Kaiser starts with a story about a 103-year-old woman who still workouts out actively and claims it to be her secret to living as long as she has. The lesson he pulls highlights all the benefits of working out regularly. From there, he looks at an even older woman (104) who is still pursuing her hobbies and relates it to the importance of staying engaged and passionate about life. The next article focuses on people giving up on working out and improving themselves too early. There’s a lot to chew on in this episode, don’t miss it!


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