KaiserKast | Define Happiness in Your Life

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The pursuit of happiness. It’s the American way. It is ingrained into our DNA. The problem is that everybody has their own definition of happiness. Some even argue that happiness can’t be defined. Kaiser thinks that is a bunch of BS. In fact, he thinks he has a pretty clear and concise definition of happiness: becoming content by eliminating need from your life.

In this episode, Kaiser breaks down his definition of happiness, how he came to understand what happiness truly is, and how to define and achieve your own happiness through business ownership. Everybody deserves happiness, but it doesn’t come without doing the work! This video also covers:

  • How Kaiser defines happiness
  • How winning will benefit your happiness
  • Why business is tied to the pursuit of happiness
  • Why having the wrong expectations for achieving happiness can be detrimental
  • Why most people need to redefine happiness

The episode could be just the thing you need to hear to bump up to the next level on your journey as an entrepreneur. You can watch the full video below:

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