KaiserKast | What It Takes to Make It

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Everyone wants to make it to the top. To grab life by the horns and blaze a trail to success. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to win in this game. In fact, most people DON’T make it. So, what separates those few who make it from the many who don’t? Kaiser is answering that question in today’s episode.

In the position he’s in now, Kaiser has reach “made-it” status. But it didn’t happen overnight. He has scratched and clawed his way to the top for years. He shares what it takes to make it to the top if you didn’t start out with extreme advantages and talent. He covers the effort it takes to achieve in business and life. This episode also covers topics such as:

  • How much work it takes to succeed more than the average
  • Why most people don’t “make it” in life
  • How to make it if you weren’t born into talent and wealth
  • Why “regular” folks can make it to the top
  • How to unlock the extra-level you need to be at to make it

Everyone wants to make it. This episode can help get you closer. Watch it in full below:

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