KaiserKast | Better Body Is A Tech Company

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This may sound surprising but Better Body is a tech company. Sounds weird? Yes, but just hear us out for a moment. At Better Body, we may not be creating the next amazing smartphone but we do share the same fundamental values of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. 

In the latest KaiserKast, Kaiser breaks down how Better Body is the shell of the big tech company’s business setup, and how those benefits will lead to rapid growth. In the podcast, Kaiser maps out four ways that make Better Body an incredible business model and, in some ways, surpasses any tech company. 

– The Better Body franchise encompasses four things the make it a thriving business model. 
– Why Better Body’s market size is massive
– How the BBB distribution strategy is proactive and ambitious. 
– Why the BBB margins are phenomenal 
– How the “Network Effects” separate BBB from any tech company. 

Click the video to find out how Better Body is a tech company:

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